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Elizabeth Cole

Abstract While the United States Healthcare System is riddled with problems, there is not enough focus on prevention. A first line of defense that is underutilized is the Social Work profession. While there isn’t a multitude of studies regarding the … Continue reading

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Jantzen Miller

ENGL 1302: COMPOSITION AND RHETORIC II In his analysis of the social problem of childhood obesity, Jantzen Miller divides his presentation into the following logical sections: (1) What is the problem and how is it a social problem? (2) What … Continue reading

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Benjamin Greaves

“Apartheid, for all its power, had fatal flaws baked in, starting with the fact that it never made any sense. Racism is not logical” (Noah 75). When thinking about racism, many prominent examples stand out: apartheid in South Africa, slavery … Continue reading

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Visual Communication 2016

BIOLOGY Fermentation Rates of Varying Carbohydrate Solutions Utilizing Saccharomyces Cerevisiae to Facilitate Ethanol Production• Survey/Report Analysis AMANDA ALLEN•DEVYN FITZPATRICK•LINDSEY SOLIS•ESTEBAN VAZQUEZ MRSA Gene Sequence Suggesting Possible Myristoylation in Prokaryotes • Poster KIMBERLY AUSTIN ENGLISH Public Opinion on the Use and … Continue reading

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Ariana Rosario

Based on primary survey data, this paper is an exceptionally fine example of community-based public opinion research. Not surprisingly, this study has received widespread recognition both inside and outside LSC (winning first place at the 2015 CACs conference and receiving … Continue reading

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Kimberly Austin

Scientific posters communicate preliminary results, provide students with opportunities to participate directly in the scientific process and to elicit feedback from experts in the field. Kimi’s abstract served as a concise summary of her sophisticated project and provided an overview … Continue reading

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Jim Markham

Posters presented at scientific conferences serve several purposes. They facilitate discussion between experts in a specific scientific discipline and they also allow students to directly experience an important method by which scientists disseminate data to the scientific community. Jim’s project … Continue reading

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Annual CAC Student Presentation Conference

Annual CAC Student Presentation Conference CAC plans once again to sponsor its annual conference of student work across all disciplines and programs at the college. The upcoming conference promises to be bigger and better than ever! For information about the … Continue reading

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