Jim Markham

Posters presented at scientific conferences serve several purposes. They facilitate discussion between experts in a specific scientific discipline and they also allow students to directly experience an important method by which scientists disseminate data to the scientific community. Jim’s project effectively communicated a multifaceted collaboration that he facilitated that resulted in a long-term service learning project benefiting at-risk youth. Jim’s work involved the implementation of a sociological model, previously implemented at San Quentin State Prison, to employ aquaponics training as a method to reduce recidivism among teenage males struggling with various behavioral and life issues. Jim’s poster used visuals to effectively communicate the highlights of three extensive projects which have collectively entailed hundreds of hours of group work. Furthermore, these visuals allowed Jim to lead conference attendees through a discussion of his work.

–Daniel Kainer

Aquaponics as a Regabilitative Platform • Poster

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