Ivet Love

This writing is a concept map derived from information gathered from clinical notes and information obtained from clinical rotation VNSG 1362: Creating a concept map on a disease or chief complaint of assigned client. In this concept map Ivet is very precise in explaining the health problem, risk and health promotion nursing diagnosis specific to this client and their disease process.

Understanding the client’s needs as the nurse is very important in prioritizing and guiding individualized care. Ivet based this plan and goals on helping the client’s respiratory status focusing on managing not curing. COPD is not a curable disease but can be managed and prevention of further lung damage can be achieved through teaching and education about disease process. Which is also outline in Ivet’s teaching.

For this specific client, Ivet was able to use her critical thinking and assess that increased mucous build up is apart of the disease process and can lead to exacerbation of COPD and taught the client how to loosen and cough up the mucous to help breathing. The goals were SMART. Specific, measurable, attainable and had a time frame specific to the client’s needs.

This image lays out a concept map by Ivet Love with lots of text outlining her plan for her particular client.

Concept Map. Ivet Love 2022

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