Calea Vickery


Calea Vickery’s concept map represents a journey of a patient’s life dealing with multiple medical issues over the course of many years.

Calea presented this concept map of a medically complex case at a very high level, far exceeding the expectations of that of a level II Vocational Nursing student. Her research and analysis of this patient’s intertwined health issues found them to be related to certain lifestyle habits and genetics. She was the patient’s story-teller. The Vocational Nursing program is composed of 3 semesters. It is not uncommon for misinformation to be stated when students have not had all relevant med surgical lectures in semester II. Calea demonstrated superior comprehension of the patient’s data, utilizing the data as reference documents that gave concise information about the patient’s history in chronological order that was readily understandable to her audience.

–Linda King

Concept Map • Poster


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