Adam Weinland

NURSING (RNSG) 2535: INTEGRATED CLIENT CARE MANAGEMENT: NURSING IV. Adam has used the standard format of a scientific paper to describe his work and to place it in context with other work in the field. His Introduction describes the results of previous work on the methods that have historically been employed in the hospital setting to reduce or prevent acquired infections and he discusses the published studies that have been conducted with the use of copper. His Methods section includes the methods he used to calculate the cost-benefit analysis and the methods he used in his laboratory experiments. The large amount of data he produced with his experiments is presented in tables and summarized in the text of his Results section. The implications of his work is discussed in the Conclusion section of his paper. Adam uses the conventions of scientific writing to present his work clearly and to support his conclusions. This is an outstanding example of critical thinking and collaboration.

–Carol Girocco

Antimicrobial Copper in Healthcare • Research Paper

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