Stefano Ballesteros

Design Chart Assignment: Batman Begins

SOCI 1301: Principles of Sociology. The Design Chart Assignment is a project requirement that all students in this section of SOCI 1301 must complete. The assignment is to apply a film to the course and vice versa. Stefano takes a daring approach to this assignment–and it pays off.  He assimilates many of the major topics in SOCI 1301 with content from Batman Begins. Stefano’s mastery of the content is apparent as he provides numerous examples of vital sociological content by using graphical elements. Stefano not only uses imagery from Batman Begins, he also incorporates elements from comic books to illustrate his points and make connections with the course content. Stefano examines such disparate concepts as deviance, stratification, roles, and groups in his project. Tying all of this together under Batman Begins shows the reader that he has critically examined the course content. Furthermore, the use of Microsoft Publisher enabled Stefano to create a storyboard reminiscent of a comic book.  Stefano’s work on the Design Chart Assignment is an extraordinary example of practical application of what was learned during a semester of SOCI 1301.

–Jared Cootz

Stefano Ballesteros


Batman Begins. Dir. Christopher Nolan. Prod. Emma Thomas. Perf. Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Liam Neeson. Warner Bros. Pictures, 2005. Film.

Kane, Bob. Detective Comics #27. National Allied Publications. New York, 1939. Print.

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