James Wright

Design Chart Assignment:

SOCI 1301: Principles of Sociology. The Design Chart Assignment is a project requirement that all students in this section of SOCI 1301 must complete. The assignment is to apply a film to the course and vice versa. Eddie pulls together multiple elements from the SOCI 1301 class and applies them to the dystopian film The Road. The depth and breadth of the submitted project is fantastic in its imagery as well as its written content. Eddie thoroughly examines such sociological elements as norms, deviance, social mobility, and family.  He also shows mastery of the course content by capturing images and quotations from the film that effectively illustrate these aspects of the course. This shows the reader that he has critically examined The Road and made sense of it with a sociological perspective. Moreover, his use of PowerPoint software to create the project allows for a narrative progression. Eddie’s work on this project is a fantastic example of practical application of what is learned in the classroom.

–Jared Cootz

Associated documents:
The road design chart presentation

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