CAC Spring 2013 Presentations

Jan. 30   Trey Broadhurst (Biology)

“Mongoose on the Loose: Tales of Invasive Species from Around the World” (a report on Best Sem. Res. in Hawaii)

Feb. 6  Rahula, Basnagoda (English)

“The Guidance of Reasoning in Ancient Buddhist Texts”

Feb. 13  Nathan Bezayiff (Physics)

“An Introduction to Superconductors”

Feb. 20  Ann Kirch (VP, Instruction)

“Academic Plan Update”

Feb. 27  Julie Harless (Biology/Biotechnology)

“Student Response System Implementation: A Discussion”

March 6  Robby Wood (Art/Ceramics)

“Modest Math Professor Had Eye for Clay”

March 13  Spring Break

March 21  Dominic Beggen and Special Guest (Political Science)
Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig, Bar-Ilan Univ., Israel

“Israeli Politics and Peace in the Middle East”

March 28  Michele Richey (Sociology)

“Supporting LGBT Students Through Creating Inclusive Culture in our Classrooms and on Campus”

April 3  Francis Ozor (Radiologic Technology)

“Recent Advances in Cutting-Edge Medical Imaging Technologies”

(Tuesday) April 9  Annual CAC Student Presentation Conference, G102

To nominate student presentations online:
Questions? Contact Simone Rieck, Anitha Iyer or Brandy Harvey (conf. organizers)

April 10  Craig Livingston (History)

“Red Flag in the Heavens’: Challenge, Process and Reward of Publishing a Book about Revolution and First Century Mormons”

April 17  Tony Fuller (Speech Communication)

“Seminal Films of the 1950s”

April 24  Molly Lasco (English)

“Debunking the Myth of Virile Imperialism: The Masculine Mystique and Revisionist Westerns”

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