Hannah Faith Lindley

Weathering Emotions (I: Rays of Sun; II: Night Terrors; III: Stormy Evening)

Original Music Composition (for Voice, Wind Chimes, Rain Stick, Vibraphone, and Bass Drum)

In this original work, Hannah’s composition reflects techniques and stylings of the avant grade of the twentyfirst century while using traditional musical forms from the baroque era. Aleatoric in composition, the work is organized by the evocative emotional journey featuring poetry / lyrics written by the composer herself. Formally, each movement within the work can both stand alone or be performed in sequence thanks to the formal schemes that were borrowed from the seventeenth century, all while still maintaining a lack of harmonic closure. Even with the advantages of modern technology, Hannah decided that composing this work by hand would be the most effective way of translating her artistic expression in print, so no software was utilized.

-Martin Quiroga Jr.

PDF Score

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