CAC Spring 2015 Presentations

The Wednesday Faculty Discussion Series
3 – 4 p.m. • Blue Star C.A.F.É. • E-202

Jan. 28 // Eiki Isomura (Music: Conductor LSC-M Orchestra & Opera in The Heights): La Clemenza di Tito: Mozart’s Strangest Opera”

Feb. 4 // Heidi Smith (Education: Director, 1st Year Experience) with Vincent Nguyen, FYE Program Manager “A 1st Report on The 1st Year Student Experience”

Feb. 11 // Faculty Book Authors (over 20 from across LSC-Montgomery!) “Ways of Writing a Book: On Writers’ Writing Processes” meets in G102, 3-4:30 p.m. Students Invited to this CAC!

Feb. 18 // Joe Trackey (Biology) “Improving Engagement by Using TED TV Videos… Without Showing a Single TED Video”

Feb. 25 // Part Two: Roundtable on “The Crisis of 21st Century ‘Agency’”

Mike Green (Psychology), chair
Vivian Jones (English/Technology/Pedagogy)
Richard Maddy (Anthropology)
Mark Whitten (Philosophy)

March 4 // Tiffany Nirider (Dance), “Ensemble Thinking: The Choreography of Collaboration,” meets in The Black Box Theater, D-204 | 3-4:30 p.m., Workshop presented by Lower Left Dance Collective Members, Leslie Scates & Dr. Nina Martin

March 11 // Spring Break

March 18 // Delaney Smith (Art) & Christopher Wallace (Art) “Ways of Teaching Art Appreciation

March 25 // Tony Fuller (Speech Communication) “Freedom of Speech: Responsibilities, Limitations & Absolutes”

April 1 // Mark Stelter (Crim. Justice and Panel) Part Two: Panel Discussion: “Is There an Ethics of Teaching?”

April 8 // Edson Timona (Economics) “The Next Financial Crisis”

April 15 // Debbie Ellington (Dean, TEAM, and Panel), “Analyzing The Open Educational Resources Initiative,” 3-4:30 p.m.

Open Your Classroom (PPT), by Pam Auburn, LSC-University Park

CAC LSC-Montgomery BRS (PPT), by Brian Shmaefsy, LSC-Kingwood