CAC Spring 2012 Presentations

Feb. 1 Vivian Jones (English) & Panel: “Learning Trends — Getting Past the Novelty”
View the entire presentation: mLearning Trends Playlist

Feb. 8Jeff Groah (Math): “Wandering Through Space and Time: Mercury”

View the entire presentation: Wandering Through Space and Time: Mercury

Feb. 15 Brandi Ford-Griffin (English) & Panel: “Teaching the Writing Process Across the Curriculum”

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Feb. 22 Nathalie Brandes (Geology): “Mining in the Ancient World”

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Feb. 29 Cliff Jones (Linguistics/The Write Place): “The Structure of Language: Finding Patterns in the Noise”

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Developmental Variation Handout
Presentation: The Structure of Language

March 7 Danny Kainer (Biology) & Panel: “Nanotechnology: Small Stuff with Enormous Impacts”

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March 21 Natasha Hunt (English): “At Sea in This Great Flux of Things: Mid-Victorian Spatial Anxiety in the Face of Change”

March 28 Gary Brown (Pol. Sci.) & Bill Dunn (Math): “The Politics of Duck Soup

April 4 Barbara Buchanan (Dean, BELS) & Panel: “Strategic Decision Making: Fast Tracking Developmental College Students”

DEDP grant presentation

April 11 Tara Ratliff (Art) & Valerie Yaklin-Brown (Art): “Truth or Deception: Decoding the Reality of the Photograph”

April 17 Annual CAC Student Presentation Conference, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in G-102

April 25 Larry Loomis-Price (Biotech) & Mark Stelter (Crim Justice) & Panel: “Just One Thing: What is the Single Most Significant Advance in Your Field Since You Graduated?”

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