CAC Fall 2014 Presentations

Sept. 10 // Basnagoda, Rahula (English) “The Unheard Story about Pythagoras”

Sept. 17 // Natasha Alvandi (English) & Panel Co-Sponsored by The Write Place & CAC “Strategies for Incorporating Writing into Classes across Disciplines”
PowerPoint Presentation: CAC September 17, 2014

Sept. 24 // Renee La Rue (ESOL) “Helping Non-Native English-Speakers to Succeed in Your Classroom”

Oct. 1 // Jeff Groah (Mathematics) “Belief in God: The Nine Alternatives”

Oct. 8 // Mark Whitten (Philosophy) “Skeptical Atheism or Skeptical Theism: What ‘Tips the Scales’?”

Oct. 15 // David Kennedy (Political Science/Dir. Honors College) “The Impending Apocalypse of Student Debt”

Oct. 22 // Kitty Gronlund (Biology) & Julie Harless (Biology) “A Stem Cell Research Update”

Oct. 29 // John Kleist (Geology) & Craig Livingston (History) “U.S. LNG: Reigniting the Cold War”

Nov. 5 // Roundtable on “The Crisis of 21st Century ‘Agency’”

Mike Green (Psychology)–chair
Simone Andrade (English/Rhetoric)
Vivian Jones (English/Technology-Pedagogy)
Joe Trackey (Biology)
Mark Whitten (Philosophy)

Nov. 12 // Mary McHale (Chemistry) “Silver Nanotechnology: Doorway to Science Education & Practice-Based Learning”

Nov. 19 // Mark Stelter (Criminal Justice) & Panel “Is There an Ethics of Teaching?”