CAC Fall 2013 Presentations

Sept. 11 // Tim Cowan (Philosophy) “A Conversation with Plato”

Sept. 18 // Steve Scheffler (College Relations) “Higher and Further: Post-Secondary Education Across the Pond”

Sept. 25 // Tiffany Nirider (Dance) “Using Laban Effort Factors to Portray Four Jungian Archetypal Images in Modern Dance”

Presentation Notes

Oct. 2 // Kathryn Gronlund (Biology) “Epigenetics: Where Nature Meets Nurture”

Oct. 16 // Jeff Groah (Mathematics) “Student Errors and What They Teach Us: Mistakes Math Students Make”

Oct. 23 // Kiet Nguyen, Frank Granack & Jim Zipperer (Economics/Business) “Current Topics on the Federal Reserve: What an Average Citizen Needs to Look At”

Oct. 30 // David Stancato (Physics) “The Dark Side of the Universe: Dark Energy and Dark Matter”

Nov. 6 // Mark Marotto (Music) “Collective Virtuosity in the Classroom”

Nov. 13 // Danny Kainer & Panel, (Biotechnology) “Project Greenpeace: Research Opportunities for LSC-Montgomery Students Who Want a Cleaner and Greener World”