CAC Fall 2012 Presentations

9/12/2012 – “Learning Networks: Themed Classes Across the Curriculum”
–Jarod Cootz & Panel

9/26/2012 – “The Gospel According to Christ: The Message of Christ & How We Missed It”
–Mark Stelter

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10/3/2012 – “Have We FLIPPED Over CROWDSOURCING?”
–Vivian Jones
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10/10/2012 – “Why Honors? A Discussion of the Meaning of Honors & Why It Matters for Students and Faculty”
– David Kennedy

10/17/2012 – “Prisoners: Broken Pieces of a Whole Person, Introducing Holistic Methods to Prison Reentry Mode”
– Stephen Hayes

10/24/2012 – “Where Do We Go From Here? Developmental English Course Re-Design at LSC-Montgomery”
– Barbara Buchanan (Dean, BELS Div.) & Panel

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11/7/2012 – “Some 20th Century Iranian Writers & Poets, & Their Works”
– Habib Far (Math)

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