CAC Fall 2010 Presentations

Sept 15—Basnagoda, Rahula (English)

“Living at Now: Mindfulness for Daily Life”

22–Dominick DiOrio (Music)

“Singing for Your Grade: Engaging Students Through Performance”

29—Michelle McMahon (Geology)

“The Impact of Instruction Technology (Blackboard and Angel) on Student Retention and Attitudes in Science (Geology): What Students Can Teach Us About Online Resource Design”

Oct 6—Joe Trackey and Anitha Iyer (Biotechnology)

“The Link Between Genes and Behavior”

13—Nathalie Brandes (Geology)

“Climate in Geologic History”

20—Craig Livingston (History)

“Aerial Bombardment in World War II: Strategic Imperative or Moral Quandary?”

27— Larry Loomis-Price and Mark Stelter, Panel Moderators

Multidiscipline Panel Discussion: “What are the Most Significant Advances in Your Field Since You Graduated?”

Nov 3—Linda Woodward (Art History)

“The Influence of Leonardo Da Vinci on the Later Paintings of Hieronymus Bosch”

10—Michael Brown—(Studio Art)

“The Use of 3D Imaging in the Classroom”

17—Simone Rieck (English)

“Watching the Spanish Civil War” A Multi-discipline Look at Visual Rhetoric”