CAC Spring 2018 Presentations

Spring 2018

The Wednesday Faculty Discussion Series
3-4 p.m.  •  E-202

Jan. 31 // Lori Hughes (English) and Panel

Sunny Zhao (Speech Communication, LSC-Montgomery)
Latoya Lewis (Dir. of Academic Initiatives & Partnerships, Instructor, Instructional Technologies, LSC-Tomball)
Ericka Landry (Dir. of Fac. Development, LSC-System Office)

3-4:30 p.m.
“Keeping Up in the 21st Century: Facilitating Learning with Instructional Technologies”

Presentation Documents: Adobe Spark Job Aid (pdf) , Getting Started with NearPod (YouTube)

Feb. 7 // Natalie Foreman (Education) 

“What are Our Biases as Educators, and How Do TheyAffect Our Students?”

Feb. 14 // Mark Whitten (Philosophy) and Panel

Karen Buckman (Psychology)
Sarah Chapman (Criminal Justice)

“The Culture of Narcissism: What is Happening in America?”

Feb. 21 // Patrick Barton

(Speech Communication, LSC-Tomball) “Make Mistakes Work for You”

Feb. 28 // Sarah Chapman

(Criminal Justice) “Inmate-Perpetrated Sexual Harassment: Exploring the Gender-Specific Experience of Female Correction Officers”

Mar. 7 // Laurie Boyd (Workforce Advising)

“How Faculty Made Me a Better Advisor”

Mar. 21 // Bill Dunn (Mathematics)

“The World’s Most Dangerous Book: The Battle to Publish James Joyce’s Novel, Ulysses

Presentation Documents: The Most Dangerous Book(publishing Ulysses) (pptx)


Mar. 28 // James Fons (English)

“Education Through Metaphor: The Paradox of Learning by Device”

Apr. 4 // Tony Fuller (Speech Communication)

“Houston to Mumbai and Back: Business on the Sub-Continent”

Apr. 11 // Ashley Sheffield (Art History)

“Born from Oil, Living as an Art Collector: How Dominique de Menil put Houston on the Map of the Art World”

Apr. 18 // Missy Dennis (English) 

“Civic Engagement and Real-World Writing: An English 1301 Project”

Apr. 25 // Angela Colmenares (Library)

“Appreciating Cyberpunk: Why You (Did Not) Like Blade Runner”

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