CAC Spring 2017 Presentations

Spring 2017

The Wednesday Faculty Discussion Series
3-4 p.m.  •  E-202

Feb. 1 // William Morgan (History)“The Gendered Nature of Cuban Tobacco Slavery”

Feb. 8 // Lori Hughes & Lana Myers (English) “A Tale of Two Sabbaticals: Supporting Student Success Through Sabbatical Projects”

Feb. 15 // Amy Curry (History) “Fun with Plague: Exploring The Black Death Through Reacting to the Past Game Development”

Feb. 22 // Cynthia Trumbo & Glen Killian (Human Services) “Helping Students to Become Helpers: Observations from the Human Services Program”

Mar. 1 // Roy Turner (English) “He is Brute, and More than Brute: A Postcolonial Reading of Monstrosity in Bram Stoker’s Dracula”

Mar. 8 // J.R. Rose (Mathematics) “College Algebra: Why 63 is Less than 3: Classroom Practices to Reverse the Inequality”

Mar. 22 // Mark Whitten (Philosophy) “On Bullshit”

Mar. 29 // Tony Fuller (Communication) “The Sojourn of a Local Political Candidate—Tony Fuller”

Apr. 5 // Danny Kainer (Biotechnology) “Undergraduate Research at LSC-­Montgomery: Solving the World’s problems One Student at a Time”

Apr. 12 // Stephen L. Smith (Biology) “Regional Environmental Concerns: Stimulating Student Involvement in the Development of Solutions”