CAC Spring 2020 Schedule

Spring 2020

The Wednesday Faculty Discussion Series
3-4 p.m.  •  E-202

January 29 // Nathalie Brandes & Paul Brandes (Geology)

“Living with Pele: The 1983 to 2018 Kiluea Eruption”

February 5 // Becky Howard (History)

“Cup of Devils to ‘Fruit of the Vine’: Italian Immigrants and Prohibition”

February 12 (4 p.m. to 5 p.m.) // Mike Krall (Special Asst. to the President) & David Zimmermann (English)

“Tents & Tabernacles: Movements of Homes & Spirits”

No video available.

February 19 // Terry Peterman (Dean, Team Division)

“Locus of Control: Understanding the Difference Between Praise and Encouragement to Motivate Students to Attributes of Success”

February 26 // Sarah Chapman (Criminal Justice) & Guest Philosopher

“A Dialogue on the Philosophical & Practical Justifications for Capital Punishment in the USA”

March 4 // Penny Watson (Government)

“Iran’s Grand Strategy in Latin America”

March 18 // Glen Killian (Human Services)

“From the Battlefield to the Family Room: The spectrum of the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder”

March 25 // Bill Dunn (Math) Julie Harless (Biology) & Mead Mclean (Art)

“Form in the Dust: Math and/as Art’”

April 1 // Ashley Sheffield (Art History)

“Was Art Nouveau the Last Example of Romanticism?”

April 8 // Lana Myers (English), Sarah Chapman (Criminal Justice) & Student/Faculty Panel

“One Book One Campus: “Generational Hygge: Perceptions of Happiness from the Boomer Generation to Gen Z”

April 15 // Mischelle Hopper (Nursing)

“Student Resillience & Academic Success”

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