CAC Fall 2016 Presentations

Fall 2016

The Wednesday Faculty Discussion Series
3-4 p.m.  •  E-202

Sept. 14 // Dominic Beggan (Political Science)“Guns in the Classroom: A Case Study and Survey Analysis of Texas’ New 2015 Campus Carry Law”

Presentation Documents:Guns in the Classroom: An Analysis of Texas’ New 2015 Campus Carry Law (ppt)

Sept. 3 // Rahula,Basnagoda (English/Rhetoric)  “Rational Argumentation: A Buddhist Perspective”

Sept. 28 // Jeff Groah (Math) “Deserters, Turncoats, Galvanized Yankees, and Brave, Good Men”

Presentation Documents: Deserters, Turncoats, and Brave, Good Men (ppt)

Oct. 5 // Nate Bezayiff (Physics)  “Gravitons! They Took Science Only 99 Years to Find…”

Oct. 12 // Mark Marotto (Music) La Gozadera: The Transformational Effects of Music and Dance in Cuba”

Oct. 19 // Tommy Taylor (Art) “A Warped Straight Edge”

Oct. 26 // William Morgan (History) “The Gendered Nature of Cuban Tobacco Slavery”

Nov. 2 // Monica Gonzales (Kinesiology) “Moving Minds for Exercise and Learning”

Nov. 9 // Haley Stoner ((English/Rhetoric) ”Trauma in Toni Morrison’s Sula and The Bluest Eye

Nov. 16 // Angela Colmenares and Panel (Library) “Threshold Concepts in Information Literacy”