CAC Fall 2015 Presentations

The Wednesday Faculty Discussion Series
3-4 p.m. • E-202

Sept. 9 // Brian Mack (English): “James Baldwin: American Scholar and Visionary”

Presentation Documents:
James Baldwin: American Scholar and Visionary (pptx)

Sept. 16 // Karen Buckman (Psychology) “Avoiding Academic Burnout: How to Refuel Your Engine”

Presentation Documents:
Avoiding Academic Burnout (pptx)
Burnout Self-Test (pdf)
The Wisdom of Geese (YouTube video)

Sept. 23 // Mark Whitten (Philosophy) “What’s ‘the Problem’—Ignorance or Sin?” (Hint: The answer has more than three letters.)

Sept. 30 // Sara Lynch & Panel (Communication) “Instructional Communication Strategies for Increasing Student Understanding & Success”

Presentation Documents:
Instructional Communication Strategies (pptx)
Instructional Communication Handouts (pdf)

Oct. 7 // Francis Ozor (Rad Tech) “The Interaction and Effects of Ionizing Radiation on Biological Molecules”

Oct. 14 // Brandy Harvey (Dean, BELS Division) “After the Silence: Interdisciplinary Research and Vulnerability”

Oct. 21 // Cristina Mendoza (Music) “Karel Husa’s ‘Apotheosis of This Earth’: Man’s Destruction of the Planet in Three Movements”

Oct. 28 // Mead McLean (Art) “YouTube, Commonplace Books, Repetitive Talks, and Other Art-Related Things”

Nov. 4 // Richard Maddy (Anthropology) “Osler and the iPad: The Evolution of Medicine in the 21st Century”

Nov. 11 // Habib Far (Mathematics) “Social Novels and the Language of Protest in Persian Literature”